Condition monitoring systems

Easy to get started. Easy to finance. Reduced risk.

Condition monitoring solutions from SKF use the latest connected technologies to deliver value:
  • Collect data from a wide variety of plant asset parameters – including vibration, temperature, lubrication state, and process data
  • Transform your data into actionable insights that translate into real operational benefit and financial return – unlocking the hidden value in your data
  • According to Gartner, 70% of data that is captured is not used. In other words, the majority of investments in infrastructure to collect, house and access data provide no operational benefit or financial return. Only 27% of executives report that their Big Data initiatives are profitable.
  • This result is surprising, given that Big Data is a corporate priority for both Enterprises and SMB’s. In a recent Capgemini study over three quarters of respondents stated that the CEO or Executive team believe that Big Data has the potential to improve business results in areas of new revenue, operational efficiency and cost cutting.
  • Work together with you in a new way to align our interests, while supporting you to further improve your operations. This fee- and performance-based approach makes it easy for you to continually benefit from the latest Industry 4.0 and IoT technologies without the need for significant upfront investment, as well as reducing your risks.
  • Solutions including:
  • Automated Machine Learning (AutoML)
  • Expert fault verification systems (portable, wireless, online/wired)
  • Data visualization and dashboards
  • Connected lubrication systems
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Application engineering
  • Flexible business models – reducing risk and need for large capital investment
  • Connect

    We can take data from your current sensor-connected machinery, process systems and data historian, and provide any additional sensors, portable or on-line data acquisition technology needed to monitor your critical, semi-critical, and even your balance of plant assets.


    Interpret this 'big data' using a combination of analysis tools including Artificial Intelligence, Automated Machine Learning and expert fault verification systems - on site, or with cloudbased and remote diagnostic solutions.


    Review and share insights from your data in easy to understand dashboards - informing and advising when a problem arises, what it is, what to do about it, and how to resolve it. Provide your operations and maintenance teams with corrective actions and recommendations to keep your key rotating assets running at the performance you need.


    Working together in a new way where our interests are aligned from the start. Reducing your risk and making it easier for you to continually benefit from the latest Industry 4.0 and IoT technologies without the need for significant upfront investment. Helping you move from the transactional purchasing of 'technology and products' to purchasing 'Rotation as a Service'.

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    Condition monitoring and connected technologies

    Watch this short video to learn how our connected technologies and services work together to deliver value to your operations.

    Selecting the right tools for the job

    Select the right connected technologies and condition monitoring solutions based on your asset criticality and failure mode detection horizon.

    Vital assets - machine protection system

    Vital assets - machine protection system

    Avoid costly unexpected down-time and reduce operating and maintenance costs with system integrated monitoring, analysis and diagnosis of mechanical behaviour for critical machinery.
    Critical assets - online wired system

    Critical assets - online wired system

    Failure in hours to days. Variable loads and speeds. Continuous measurements. Seconds to minutes data.
    Semi-critical assets - online wireless system

    Semi-critical assets - online wireless system

    Failure in days to weeks. Constant loads and speeds. Periodic measurements. Daily or weekly data.
    Balance-of-plant - offline portable system

    Balance-of-plant - offline portable system

    Failure in months to years. Many kinds of assets. Periodic measurements. Weekly or monthly data.

    Condition monitoring – from the basics to expert knowledge

    We have put together a comprehensive range of pre-recorded webinars covering everything you need to know about monitoring and analysing your rotating equipment.
    Topics include:
  • Introduction to vibration
  • Acceleration enveloping
  • Introduction to sound, ultrasound, and acoustic emission
  • Machinery diagnostics
  • Basics of structural analysis
  • Basic monitoring

    Basic monitoring

    The essential monitoring tools that no industrial manufacturing plant should be without.
    Portable monitoring

    Portable monitoring

    Portable instruments enable the user to establish a comprehensive periodic condition monitoring programme.
    Surveillance systems

    Surveillance systems

    Take the risk out of machine condition monitoring
    Machine protection

    Machine protection

    Improved profitability and a better and safer environment


    SKF has comprehensive software solutions with powerful diagnostic and analytical capabilities


    Solutions for your sensor requirements.
    Support and training

    Support and training

    Support for product repairs, calibration and technical issues
    Obsolete products

    Obsolete products

    As part of any product life-cycle, devices and systems reach a phase where they are no longer promoted .

    Discover the complete SKF portfolio